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Everyone should be able to afford to live well, stylishly and comfortably And yes! It's possible to achieve high style in home decor (and fashion) on a budget. IT'S FASHIONABLE TO BE A "FRUGALISTA!"

Hello dear friends! I'm here! Blogging! Finally! I'm taking the plunge! New Media... here I come!

Welcome to my first blog here on my website.

I know it's a long time coming' but... better late than never I say!  Now that I get the idea, I can't wait to jump in! I understand now the benefits and pleasures behind blogging.  I just hadn't realized what a great way this was to share information and stay in touch with everyone. I have so much to tell you and I would love to hear from you too! Questions, ideas anything! Please feel free to contact me!

I have tons of decorating ideas and tips to share with you too.

AS a self proclaimed "Discount Design Diva!"

I will help you get in touch with your inner "Discount Design Diva too"

I have believed and been sharing with my audiences and clients for years this philosophy:

Everyone can live stylishly and comfortably on any budget no matter what!  You can do it yourself now!

My series "Find & Design" on A&E exemplified this philosophy to the extreme. Room makeovers achieved by shopping flea markets and garages sales and some discount stores! We proved every week, that you can even decorate with little or no money. IT CAN BE DONE! AND, IT WAS FUN!!
We've heard of that popular TV show "Dress for Less" on the Style network well what about "Decor for less?"
It almost seems everyday now, I find an article about these tough economic times and how it's become fashionable to be a "Frugalista!"
"What?" you may ask "is a Frugalista?"

It's a new word.  "Frugalistas"are former   Fashion Divas of all ages, who are now tightening their spending belts and recalibrating the way they pull together fashion. WITHOUT sacrificing style! They are taking shortcuts to get more bang for their buck. Buying resale, remixing high end clothing with inexpensive clothing, shopping broader range of stores, shopping online for deals.  They buy new accessories to keep older fashions updated and or to create a whole new fashion statement.

As a television host. Let me tell you, over the years I've learned that some shows have little or no wardrobe budget at all, on camera people often wear their own wardrobe. So I had to know how to maximize what wardrobe I had to shop smart. This gets tricky when you have a whole series and multitudes of wardrobe changes on a budget but stylists (when there is one) get paid well to buy the best wardrobe on budgets. I got so good at finding resources for everything from wardrobe to home decor for these shows early on when I first started. I eventually created a job sharing these tips to everyone on national television as the "Bargain Babe" I used to produce and host segments as "The Bargain Babe" style expert, on NBC's "The Other Half" with Dick Clark and Mario Lopez. I'd present and cover budget alternatives for high fashion, lingerie, jewelry, kitchen and home decor. Too much fun!

So, let's take this same approach, into your life and home? Decor for Less!   It's fun and easy. I can show you how!
Living well, feeling good about your home is so important to our well being. Especially in these stressful times. No matter if you're renting, moving, trying to sell or feel stuck and can't move.  Why not enjoy the space and feel proud in the home you're in right now? Get a fresh start without breaking your bank.

A Perfect Example of a "Frugalista Fashionista" is Michelle OBAMA.

Michelle Obama FrugalistaShe is a masterful woman. She seamlessly combines expensive and inexpensive clothing and accessories. together as one single fabulous outfit! There is an art to this and granted, she has some help but (you will have my help) she has mastered it and everyone is paying attention!!! I think she is a trendsetter but I believe that this particular trend is here to stay!

Besides, conspicuous consumption is so yesterday! Today it's chic to brag about your bargains! Something I've always been proud to do!  And even though our First Lady can afford to wear anything she wants to.. She chooses to mix it up this way which is admirable. It speaks volumes not only to her sense of style but about her sense and sensibility to the times we live in right now.

For example:  As First Lady, at the Presidential inauguration.  She wore inexpensive ready- to- wear fashions, I. E. Gloves shoes, J.Crew accessories with her custom Couture dress and coat. How wonderful and she looked terrific. Everyone was a buzz about it. Almost instantly, J.Crew's website crashed there were so many hits on those same green leather gloves she wore that they had to regroup and restock!

Even Sasha and Melia's clothing choices have created a surge in online retail stores! It's wonderful to have style so readily available and accessible to everyone. Online literally, right at your fingertips!
Now more than ever this is true! That's the great news. One of my favorite looks was the $150.00 dollar dress Michelle wore on the Ellen DeGeneres show. Proving that for a mere $150.00 she looked like a million bucks!!  
Michelle Obama always looks pulled together, flawless and fantabulous!

My POINT IS: WHY NOT apply this same principle, mix- match, re invent to  Get a whole new "look for less" principle  in Home Decor? Or, "Decor for Less!"

I have so many tips to share with you about how to achieve high style on a budget. When to spend, how to remix, and when to save to get the most bang for your buck! Let's personalize your design. Let me, The Discount Design Diva! Show you how... stay tuned!