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I was thrilled when asked to collaborate on a new segment for one of my favorite shows!

LX-TV OPEN HOUSE (NBC/UNIVERSAL) And their companion series "LX-TV First Look"

It's a terrific program featuring national luxury market trends. A beautiful and inspirational series that is so well done.

They are of course, very savvy producers and they understand that even in these tough economic times... Everyone is looking for ways to stretch their dollars and improve the quality of their lives and their surroundings.

Enter. Me. Jennifer Convy, the Discount Design Diva! 

Here's some behind the scene shots:


NBC LX-TV jennifersitting.jpg

Hair-make-up stylist by
Jackie's Nails Los Angeles (323) 656-1611

Hair-make-up stylist by
Jackie's Nails Los Angeles (323) 656-1611



Ways to keep your decor updated and stylish for all seasons without breaking your bank!

Our contemporary but neutral living room /dining open space are a clean slate.  So in keeping with the homeowners taste. I chose contemporary/traditional accents. Decoratively speaking. The colors and accents I will be adding will really pop and give this blank canvas a pulled together look with lots of style...

It really doesn't take much or cost much to give any room a polished and finished look for every season. NO need to do a total makeover but you'll feel like your space got one! Don't worry about time and money. There are a million little things you can do to make a big difference. It's all about the details! Simple and easy solutions you can afford to do right now to keep you happy in your space all year round!

Change out pillows Spring/Summer to Fall Winter.
Create two entirely different looks with accent pillows or two different sets of pillow shams. Pillows for the seating area/ sofa / chair. Or even as seating- floor cushions.
to save $ and storage space. Use the same pillow inserts with two seasonal sets of pillow shams.

Texture Spring /Summer Pillows:
Light weight fabrics and fresh colors. Keep décor fresh and light. 
Linen/cotton etc.

Color and Motif:
Floral or fresh summer sunshine or cool ocean breeze colors. Yellow/peach /blues/ lime greens keep it fresh. Some could have embossed shells/ floral design etc.

Texture fall / Winter Pillows:
Heavier/cozy fabrics I.E. heavier texture, Wool, faux fur, brocade, more formal rich silks, beading, sparkle , layered appliqué etc.

Color and Motif:
Deep tones. Fall colors or Jewel tones. Rusts, amber, reds, golds, deep greens.

A decorative but useful accent to any home in all seasons.

For chairs and sofa.. 
For snuggling on the sofa, etc but still add color and texture to the room when not in use.

Note: The Throw should look neatly "thrown" not folded on the arm or back of a sofa or chair... for a casual, comfortable look.

Rules for these items are the same as above re; seasonal textures, colors etc.

Area rugs are so underestimated by most people. Rugs ground the space and tie in the overall feel of the room. So if you change the area rug. You will instantly change the look and feel of any room.

Especially if you change it accordingly for the seasons.
Rugs are an easy and relatively inexpensive way to change a room.
And add longevity to your rugs!

Most people buy area rugs too small for a small sitting area. Making the space seem smaller.

Our eye takes in the border of the rug as the frame for the space so a smaller "rug" equals smaller perceived space. They should really cover the ENTIRE seating area.

Spring/summer. Simple and inexpensive natural Jute grass rug. Jute now comes in many fresh colors and /or natural tones with a variety of colored binding. (Pottery Barn)  The natural tone jute is versatile and lightweight in any room.

Or light colored woven natural or botanical motif. Rugs can add a light and airy feel.

Depending on your decor. Traditional, contemporary.

Fall/ Winter: Think plush, warm, cozy styles.
Textures. Plush, shag, textured. Wool etc.
Deep tones. Rich, jewel and fall, natural tones.

Soft lighting is very flattering (if not forgiving) for any decor.
It's also energy saving as well. Think of a beautiful photograph. What good is the composition if the photo is ruined by over or under exposure? I think lighting is an essential and often overlooked key decorating tip.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen a fabulous decor in both public and private spaces and it's ruined due to harsh or just bad lighting and outdated light fixtures.

Change fixtures! Put in soft bulbs.

Put Dimmers in each room. Then you have versatile lighting at your fingertips. Bright for reading and working. And soft for relaxing and entertaining. And everything in between on preference.

Add mood, and or function to any room by giving lighting options.

My lighting solution that I think is sorely missing for this room.
CANDLES in this space.

Do seasonal candlescapes on table surfaces.

Place beautiful candles in a beautiful try with sand and shells covered in glass hurricanes. For soft and fresh mood lighting.
Winter/Fall: create a candlescape. With deep colored candles and potpourri, and heavy candles sticks or iron work to create a cozy ambiance.

Note: candles should look great even when not lit.
And, all candles are not created equal. Some can be pretty toxic. Be aware of overdoing scented for guests who may have allergies.  That could ruin all your efforts.

Tempting textiles.
Table runners. Are not just for dining tables! The can be used for console tables and coffee tables.

We're using one for this leather ottoman to lighten it up for spring and warm it up for fall.

A little fabric in the right place can add just enough texture, color, and interest to any area.

Some tables have terrible water marks or damage. This is a great way to cover up... just the top surface without covering the whole table top.

You can even find an inexpensive remnant piece of high end fabric in any fabric store. For a fraction of the regular price in the Remnant fabric section... usually about a yard to make your own!

Dining tables can be set to each season.
So many resources to create an entire mood and theme. From place mats, table cloths, chargers, plates flatware, napkins napkin rings. Centerpieces and such.

You may not wish to buy two sets of flatware and dinner ware but it's all about the accents. Changing out everything else but keeping with your base color scheme will work.

Keep centerpiece arrangements and charger plates and other accents pieces rotating seasonally is the most cost effective way to get two looks with the same dinner ware.



Literally! OK. This is something I do all the time. Take a beautiful bowl, your favorite glass or crystal bowl or platter. You can use a wooden or rustic basket, endless possibilities. And fill it with seasonal fruit or vegetables.

Example; Fill one side neatly with lemons and the other side/half with limes. Yellow and green pop! And it looks modern and fresh as any centerpiece for dining room table, coffee table, nightstand, bathroom etc. AND it makes the room smell citrus clean and wonderful. Could use tangerines, oranges, etc...

if you have or your neighbor has a citrus tree. Add small branches of lemons with leaves ... looks great.

It's more cost effective than buying flowers and they last longer. About 10 days or more! And besides. This is a much more creative and inventive arrangement.

Example, for fall /winter... Pomegranates... or a platter or red/green/yellow bell peppers. Tiny pumpkins and squash...

for fall, add dried sprigs of rosemary and or bay leaves, cinnamon sticks... for added color and aroma!

In other words... take your groceries out of your pantry and put them on display!
These arrangements can be on a side table, counter top, coffee table, dining table, bedside table. You get the idea.

Depending on the size of the surface and the size of the vessel you house these natural and fragrant items inside of.

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Stay tuned for more tips and upcoming shows!

Thank you!